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Support the building of the Wiild¡¡

You can pay nothing or you can be a Beast, more tiers are soon coming!

  • Normal

    Free Plan
    • Added to Mailing List
    • First to know about new shows
    • First to know about new music
    • Free entrance to the Wiild Extended Universe
    • Join "Anti-Exclaim"
  • Makes the most Sense


    Every month
    • All that is included in Normal Tier
    • Discounted Limited Edition Merch
    • Access to Members only Videos
  • Beast

    Every month
    +$5 startup
    VIPs (only accepting applications right now)
    • All that is in Normal and Marvin tiers
    • Exclusive access to Unreleased Music
    • Exclusive access to Unreleased Art
    • First access to works in Progress
    • Monthly Check-Ins
    • Access to Rehearsal Footage
    • Access to Archived Full Show Footage
  • Buy Cliff half of Lunch

    This is for folks who aren't even sure whats going on in this universe, and just want to support art
    Valid for 22 days
    • 22 day limited subscription
    • All the benefits of the Wonderer Tier (Minus Video Access)
    • "Idk whats goin on in this universe but I just wanna support
  • Great Loston Library Card Holder

    +$5 Start-up Fee
    (only accepting applications right now)
    Valid for 12 months
    • All that is in Normal and Marvin tiers
    • Become a Wiild Extended Universe Super Fan
    • Given VIP Card Access to the Great Loston Library
    • Free Wiild Flower T-Shirt
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